Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday late lunch

Having been off work for the Easter holidays, I've developed a bit of an eggs benedict habit (see last post).

I wanted to celebrate the last of my sister's hen's eggs that I had in my possession and was going to have it soft boiled with toast. Then I accidentally cracked the egg in its box so - what a shame! - poached it was. And I just 'happened' to have some leftover english muffins. No bacon/ham, but a fry-up of chorizo, tomatoes and mushrooms on the side. Crappy ceramic electric hob tried to conspire against me again (taking the saucepan off boiling once the egg's in and then finding I've put it on a burner that's been on already so it starts boiling again) but I rescued it.

The final result was, of course, sublime.

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